APTW Residential Educational Institutions Society

GOs & Circulars

Rc.No.C1/AP Foods/2012-14 Supply of Snack food & Hot food mixes – Manufactured in AP Foods more..>
Rc.No.17697/KGBV/2014 KGBV - Joint Signatories with Principals of APTWRS ...... more..>
Rc.No.D2/Acad/16653/2013 Organizing of Training Prgrammes by the Gurukulam –T.A & DA bills of the Teachers more..>
Rc.No.17284/D3/Acad./2013 Minutes of the meeting of principals of COE’s/SOE’s held on 08-11-2013 at Gurukulam HO more..>
KGBV KGBV Guidelines for the year 2013-14 more..>
KGBV KGBV Annexures to Guidelines for the year 2013-14 more..>
Uniform Cloth Indent Uniform Cloth Indent 2013-14 (RS, RJC, KGBV, MG) more..>
Lr.Rc.No.C2/16045/2013 Revised Rice Allotment 2013-14 more..>
Note Books Indent Note Books Indent 2013-14 (RS, RJC, KGBV, MG) more..>
Rc.No.Acad/D2/16369/2013 Discontinuation of MLT & MPHW Vocational courses from the Academic Year 2013 – 14 more..>
G.O.Ms.No. 21 Supply of Food Items to Govt. Welfare Hostels– To permit A.P.Foods to supply the food products more..>
G.O.Ms.No. 1549 Allotment AP Rural Development Land to Tribal Welfare Dept. limited to Acres 5.00 -orders more..>
G.O.Ms.No. 349 Upgradation of RS Miryalaguda to RJC Miryalaguda, Nalgonda dist. more..>
G.O.Ms.No. 348 Sanction of Residential School for Girls in Devarakonda, Nalgonda District along with staff more..>
Rc.No.C1/15850/2012 Enhanced Diet Charges to Gurukulam Institutions - MG, KGBV more..>
Rc.No.C1/15850/2012 Enhanced Diet Charges to Gurukulam Institutions - RS, PTG, RJC, SOE more..>
Rc.No.C3/13393/2012 Adhar Cards to all students studying in Gurukulam Institutions—Instructions issued more..>
Proc.Rc.No.12183/B2/2012 Deputation of one Supdt and one Sr. Assts in ITDA Districts ......... as Gurukulam cell in-charges more..>
Rc.No.B2/778/2012 Furnish the particulars of teachers for conversion of subject change in teaching category more..>
Rc.No.B2/778/2009 Furnish the particulars of Non-Teaching staff for conversion of TGTs post more..>
GO.Ms.No.40 Post-Matric Scholarships - Enhancement and fixing of uniform rates of monthly Maintenance more..>
GO.Ms.No.39 Enhancement of Diet Charges for all boarders in Government SC, ST, BC, .... more..>
Rc.No.11808 Gurukulam staff working on deputation/ OD basis / inst.... - Repatriated on administrative grounds more..>
Rc.No.14582/D1/Acad/2012 IIT,JEE:Intensive program-certain inst. to the Principals & staff of SOE, COE, IIT study centre more..>
Rc.No.G2/Disc/Cases/2012 Pending Disciplinary Cases - Inquiry Reports Called for - Reg more..>
Rc.No.A1/2282/2011 Implementation of Automatic Advancement Scheme in RPS 2010 – Instructions – issued more..>
Memo.Rc.No.E2/02/M.R./2012 Submission of Medical bills for reimbursement - Certain instructions more..>
Rc.No.15369/D1-Acad/2012 Utilization of software application to furnish the marks more..>
Rc.No.15171/D1/Acad./2012 Preparing SSC students as comfortable to write public exams in English medium only more..>
Rc.No.Accts/F2/14334/2012-13 Release of funds through on-line system - Certain Instructions more..>
Transfer Counselling - 2012 Transfer Counselling for the year 2012-13 more..>
KGBV-Guidelines Revised Guidelines for implementation of KGBVs for the year 2012-13 more..>
Note Books 2012-13 Indent for Requirement of Note Books (RS, RJC, MG, KGBV) for the Year 2012-13 more..>
CCS.Ref.NoPDS.II(4)/1255/2012 Civil Supplies Rice Indent and Allotment for the Year 2012-13 (RS, RJC, MG, KGBV) more..>
Rc.No.14400/D1/Acad./2012 Inst. to the Principals / SOs / HMs of APTWRS/KGBVs/MGs of GKLM – Reg. academic activities more..>
Rc.No.4061/Accts/F1/2010 Guide lines for maintenance of Acounts, Bills and Procrument etc. more..>
Procs.Rc.No:B1/14042/2012 Bifurcation of Upgraded Residential Jr. Colleges at Asifabad(G), Kuravi (G) & Kulakacherla more..>
Rc.No.B2/14106/201-12 Sanction of DA Rs.150/- to non-teaching staff working on Contract/ Outsourcing basis more..>
Rc.No. B1/10899/2011-12 Sanction of Special allowances to the Staff working OD/Deputation basis more..>
Cir.Rc.No:B2/14041/2012 Guidelines for Performance oriented Transfers through counseling for the year 2012 more..>
Minutes of the meeting Minutes of the Internal Audit review meeting held on 15.05.2012 more..>
Rc.No:13306/D1/Acad/2012 Admissions in entry point class 5th in all Residential Schools and Back log Vacancies (if any) more..>
Rc.No.12780/Acad/D1/2012 Admissions into intermediate 1st year in COEs / SOEs for the Academic year 2012-13 more..>
20th BOG Minutes 20th BOG Meeting Minutes more..>
Rc.No.12780/Acad/D1/2012 Common Entrance Test for Admission into Intermediate Ist year with Integrated Coaching more..>
Rc.No.1709/Accts/2011-12 Release of Salaries for the month of January,2012 - Instructions more..>
Cir.Memo No.2021/Accts/2011-12 Updation of data in Financial Accounting System of their Institutions for the year 2012-11 more..>
Rc.Nio:E1/2965-2011 Circular - Enhancement of Remuneration more..>
Rc.No.C2/2645/2011 Two months Indent for Supply of Essential Commodities more..>
No.Mktg/M6/1924/2011 APSCSCL - Supply of Essential Commodities more..>
Proc.Rc.No:E1/2965-2011 Enhancement of Remuneration to Part time Teachers more..>
Proc.RC.No:E1/3351/2011 Enhancement of Maternity leave to Women CTRs more..>
Rc.No.B3/6748/2010 Sanction of Casual leaves to the Contract Non-Teaching more..>
No.C1/6171/2010 Students Health Information Circular (Memo) - 1 more..>
G.O.Rt.No.758 RVM(SSA) – Register the KGBV Society more..>
No.C1/3929/2010 Bio-Metric - Circular more..>
No.C1/6171/2010 Students Health Information Circular more..>
G.O.Ms.No.55 TW Dept. Starting Institutions of COE more..>
G.O.Ms.No.42 TW Dept. Starting Institutions of SOE more..>
G.O.Ms.No. 36 Social Welfare Department more..>
G.O.Ms.No. 51 Social Welfare Department more..>
G.O.Ms.No. 52 Social Welfare Department more..>
G.O.Ms.No. 53 Social Welfare Department more..>
Rc.No.2218/KGBV/2011 Instructions to POs for filling up of Posts in KGBVs more..>
Rc.No.Spl(A)/KGBV/2011 KGBV - Sailent Features Issued by RVM more..>
Rc.No.3179/KGBV/2009 Maternity Leave for CRTs working in KGBVs more..>
Cir.Memo No.2021/Accts/2010 Discarting Manual books of accounts maintenance and use of online Financila Accounting System more..>
Cir.Memo No.F2/2021/2010-11 Use of Online Financial Accounting system (FAS) for all the transactions at HO of GKLM & Inst. more..>