Delegation of Powers

Powers delegated to POs :
  • PO designated as district Secretary, Gurukulam and responsible for day to day administration of Gurukulam institutions
  • DD(TW) shall assist the PO in discharging the duties of Gurukulam
  • Gurukulam cell constituted in every ITDA office and in-charge circulates files to PO through DD(TW)
Administrative Powers :
  • POs can make: Compassionate appointments up to Jr assistants cadre and Renewal of Contract Residential Teachers basing on performance
  • Appointment of Guest teachers / lecturers /non-teaching staff on outsourcing
Recruitment /Promotion process :
  • Recruitment committee constituted : PO - chairperson, DEO/Dy DEO - member, One principal of gklm institutes - member convener
  • All promotion /appointments taken up by committee. POs to take up recruitment only after receiving instructions/guidelines from Secretary-Gklm
Academic powers :
  • PO should ensure : 100% verification of boarders from October onwards - Prepare the list of long absentees/dropout every month. Put in efforts to bring back the children
  • Inspections of all institutions through officers under their control - Gklm cell to evaluate the inspection reports & categorize the action to be taken at district level & state level. All reports be computerized. All such reports be sent to Secretary gklm within 3 days of inspection.
  • Academic inspections through DEO/Dy DEO, subject experts etc.
Monthly Monitoring :
  • POs shall Organize a monthly monitoring of performance of Gklm institutes - Review meetings with all principals between 10th and 20th every month. Meeting be chaired by PO. Principals shall submit a monthly report in a proforma (Anex 2). DD(TW) shall compile & analyze all reports & place before PO
  • Intimate date to Secretary , gklm so that a representative from Gklm also attends the meeting
  • Record minutes of meeting & communicate to all principals &Secretary, gklm
  • Every month 25th a meeting with gklm cell in charges is held at Hyd
Financial Powers :
  • POs are responsible for Sanction of minor works &repairs. Purchase & procurement of materials. Medical expenses including Rajiv Giribala Raksha Insurance
  • Sending number statements of Budget estimates (minor head wise) every year by September. Additional budget requirement proposal be sent to Secretary , gklm
Sanction of leaves:
  • PO is empowered to sanction : Casual leave / HQ leaving permission /maternity leave
  • Medical leave - Upto 29 days to head of the institutions and Above one month for others
  • POs to send proposal to Secretary beyond their limits
  • POs are authorized to transfer staff of all institutes including COE/SOE, KGBV& Minigurukulam
  • Transfer shall be on deputation basis from one institute to other within ITDA. Information of transfer be sent to Secretary immediately after transfer
  • However Secretary, gklm is competent authority to effect transfers of heads of the institutions
Disciplinary action:
  • POs are competent to : suspend teaching/non teaching member on prima-facie evidence of misconduct, irregularity etc. Remove/discontinue – guest/part time/out sourced staff incase of misconduct
  • POs should send a detailed report to Secretary, gklm within 3 days of suspension for ratification and follow up disciplinary action
  • In case of Principal &OSD a proposal with all supporting evidences be sent to Secretary, gklm. Revoking of all suspensions is vested with Secretary , gklm only
  • All admissions are through an entrance test . POs not competent to admit children not found in merit list
  • However POs can admit children of ST from orphans, PHC, victims of atrocity. In case of PTG schools for admitting other than PTG children ,POs to send a proposal to Secretary, gklm